Will The Best Product Win?

In the real world, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or Watson to see the best product doesn’t always win in technology sales!  

Maybe the reason is often that an “emotional decision” is made using “logical reasons”.  For example, I had many “logical reasons” (safety record, good mileage, car of the year, etc.) for buying that exotic foreign car, but the real reason is it makes me look cool…..

Sorting out these types of barriers in the sales process are often extremely difficult.   

What’s a professional to do? I say sell smart and ALWAYS have your own sales agenda active in your mind.  This court savvy and domain experience can take years to develop. There are short cuts, sound management directives, sticking to a formula that really works allowing journeyman sales people to be more effective.  If the current sales engagement can’t be adapted to your plan that has proven successful, you may wish to WALK AWAY!  But, I know that’s hard to do when you are at 22% of quota!

If you are critical by nature you may be thinking, “Where are the customers buying needs/objectives in this scenario”?  They are there too, but often I see sales reps working a list of sales steps designated by others who don’t have a clue/care how our team wins?  As I was taught years ago, sometimes bad news early is good news because second place in our sales world pays zero!

So, if your team hasn’t figured out your “Go To” sales engagement plan, measurable in stages, and documented for end user review with a proven path to win…. 

It's time to figure that out or update your current model.

Richard Bosworth

Man With Plan Sales Consulting

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